A Class Act

A passionate tale of love, luxury and falling for the first time.

Tilly de Liege may be Lady of the Manor, but it’s not quite as fabulous as it sounds – the de Lieges may be high society but they’re also flat broke.

When boarding school-bound Tilly meets skater boy Ashley from the local comprehensive, it feels like the start of something special. But fate – and Tilly’s father – are soon conspiring against them. Then moneyed older man Marcus appears on the scene… Are Tilly and Ashley star-crossed lovers or simply poles apart?

What are people saying about A Class Act?

  • A Romeo and Juliet set-up with a class divide built in – he a council estate boy, she living in an over-taxed, under-heated stately home – A Class Act is already off to a fairy-tale-ish start. Add in all kinds of improbable twists and turns (all of which could well, I suppose, happen in real life but in such harmonious conjunction?) and you have a thoroughly over-the-top, and gloriously enjoyable, piece of escapism.- Extract from a full review by Vulpes Libris

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